Who We Are

The Alachua County Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW) Coalition seeks to improve both individual and community quality of life through diverse community partnerships formed to strengthen health-related programs, activities, and advocacy in Alachua County.”


HPW is a community organization, formed in 2013,  comprised of a culturally diverse group of citizens (including parents, youth, teachers, community leaders, and professionals in varying fields) working together to create a safe environment in Alachua County free of the problems that spawn from drug use and abuse.



Our mission is to foster community cooperation and partnerships among individuals, programs, and agencies in Alachua County to 1) reduce and/or prevent youth substance use; 2) identify and/or address gaps in programming needs and services; 3) aid in coordinating services, improving programs; and 4) address identified needs related to health promotion, prevention, and wellness services for children, adolescents, and adults.


We Operate as

  • Problem identifiers

→Using local data

→Focus on key community issues

→Guide community to share, analyze, and interpret data

  •  Facilitators

→Build relationships among key stakeholders

→Use impartial methods to affect systemic community change

→Engage leaders and citizens

  • Conveners

→Forum for collective decision making

→Provide networking opportunities

→Encourage dialogue

  • Planners

→Utilize outcome-based planning practices (SARG)

→Track community trends

→To set priorities and build consensus about effective strategies

→Build support for evidence-based strategies

  •  Change Agents

→Advocate for and coordinate community change efforts

→Coordinate community readiness