Get Involved

“Let us make a difference together!”

How you can be involved:

  •  Be Aware – 1-2 hours monthly– Sign up for coalition mailings, prevention updates, and attend monthly meetings.
  •  Be Participatory – 5 hours monthly– Join a committee or work group, participate in events and donate your skills
  •  Be Involved – 10 hours monthly– Join the Board, a work group and participate in coalition events/ activities.
  • We offer up to 3 University of Florida Credits so you can work towards your degree, while raising awareness in Alachua County
  •  Join HPW today! – HPW Coalition Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month

Become a Volunteer:

If you would like to become a volunteer or HPW Coalition member, please contact us through email or call and we would be happy to find opportunities for you to get involved.

UF Student Volunteers:

We offer up to 3 UF credits for students pursuing their degrees. In the past, we have worked primarily with the Health Disparities Minor program but we are willing to offer credits through other UF degree programs.

Our program is consistently focused on providing resume building opportunities such as leadership positions on community projects, certifications and trainings, grant writing skills and experience with local law enforcement and legislation.

We strive to improve each student as a future professional through individual projects and involvement with many of our community initiatives.


We greatly appreciate your commitment, dedication, and support.